mindfulness teaches us how to be at ease in our hearts, minds and lives.

here are selected mindfulness resources for your whole self to enjoy.

selected works by founder, mary ann christie burnside 

Goodness Knows  - the studio's blog, written by Mary Ann, offers tips, stories and mindful highlights for people of all ages. 

Twelve Little Habits for Your New Year - an article for the Colonial Times Magazine, pgs 18-19 (Jan/Feb 2015).

the mindfulness studio in the Boston Globe. Mary Ann's interview with the Boston Globe  (03/29/15)

Intentional Acts of Kindness - an article published by Mindful.org  in its early days, and reprinted by Mindful in their March 1, 2016 newsletter.

TED talk on Mindfulness and ParentingFall 2012 @ TEDx Walden Pond 1.0 (Concord MA)

some of mary ann's favorite mindfulness resources

Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) - hosted by UCLA, MARC's mission is to raise mindful awareness through education and research.

Center for Mindful Self-Compassion - founder by Christopher K Germer and Kristin Neff, this center is dedicated to the teaching and learning of mindful self-compassion.

Insight Meditation Societya residential meditation retreat center founded by Sharon Salzberg and others in 1979, located in central Massachusetts.

The Interdependence Project - a non-profit in NYC dedicated to sharing secular education on Buddhist psychology and practices.

Mindfulness in Education Network - helps to facilitate communication between parents, students, professionals and others who wish to promote mindfulness in education.

Mindful Schools - provides classroom-based mindfulness sessions and teacher training .

The Garrison Institute - a center for contemplative education in the Hudson Valley, NY.

The Kripalu Center  - a center for yoga, meditation and health in the Berkshire mountains, MA. 

mindful.org  - an online resource, published by Barry Boyce, editor of Mindful magazine.