finding your way 

the mindfulness studio is located in the heart of historic Concord Center at 45 Walden St.  Use this Google map link to check possible routes.  


Concord Center is a lively location with several options for parking, eating and shopping.  There are complementary quarters available in the studio (take what you need or add any you wish to share).

at 45 walden

  • the spaces in the lot at 45 walden st are first come, first serve.

  • please note a few spaces are reserved for handicapped parking

off walden st

There's a municipal parking lot off walden st, 1/2 block from the walden st intersection with main st.  Make a left into the alley near the Concord Bookstore.

the main street parking lot 

There's a large parking lot one block away on Main Street, near the "Footstock" store.

metered parking

Metered parking is available on Walden st, Hubbard St and nearby Main St.  Need quarters?  Come into the studio and help yourself.

street parking

Free parking on nearby streets within a short walk from the mindfulness studio.  Hubbard st, which is perpendicular to Walden st, becomes free parking as you move farther away from the Center (after the metered spots)

public transit

the mindfulness studio is accessible via the MBTA purple line (Fitchburg commuter rail) and bus # 76 and #78 to the Concord Center stop.

studio etiquette

  • Please arrive a few minutes early.

  • Once inside, please remove shoes and place them under a bench in the entry hall.

  • Coats can be hung on hooks near the front door, you can take your personal belongings with you into the practice room.

  • Please silence cell phones and other personal devices.

  • Be kind to others and to yourself (ask for what you need, if anything).

  • Make yourself comfortable.  Browse the mindful library and gift shelf in the small hall.

  • Complementary tea and water are available to refresh you.  

  • Relax as much as you can.  Now that you're here, effort is extra.

  • Before you leave, please sign the guest book and include your email address if you wish to be on the mailing list.  Feel free to leave comments about your studio experience for Mary Ann in the book.